First Build

Mark W

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Got this all from the screamin deals section.
Out of the box Thursday...Rockin on Saturday
Black Korina chambered in Tangerine Candy Tequilla sunrise burst over Quilt Maple
Neck is Canary with Ziricote fretboard
I love the way the orange colors in the wood go with the orange candy color of the body.

Pickups are SD Custom 5 Trembucker with 2 Classic Stack Plus STK-S4's in the neck and middle

Schaller mini locking tuners

Thanks to the guys that answered my questions, it's up and running

Still need to fine tune it, but this guitar sings sweet or screams
Very nice!!
So how does the woodcombo sound?
It is actually the same woodcombo as luke's!!
Very nice! That's almost exactly what I'm looking at ordering myself right now, just I'll be using a lower output humbucker for the bridge.
How's it all sound?
For those interested in the sound, I just compared it to my son's Lonestar, which is Alder with a Maple neck and has SD Texas Specials with a Pearly Gates in the bridge.
My  guitar with these pickups is a lot warmer. The bridge has TONS more bottom, partly because of the pickup, partly from the wood. My wife commented on the sound that it wasn't twangy, but richer and smoother. My son says it's warmer.
Make no mistake however, crank it up and it flat screams.
The guy at SD actually recommended these pickups for what I wanted, and I am very happy with the results.
I definitely needed a tone pot hooked up to the bridge, but that is just my tastes.
Ha ha, I saw the finish description as Tangerine Candy Tequilla Sunrise burst and started feeling a little nauseous (which is usually how I end up feeling after a bit too much Tequilla!).

But then I scanned down and saw the pics and....well... it's fantastique!  :icon_thumright:  :icon_thumright:
AHHH JERK!!! Thats where that canary/ziricote neck went hahaha. No im only kidding, im glad it is on such a beautiful guitar. :icon_thumright:
Looks great, I especially like it when people get a sweet build like that for not too much $$.