Finished 3 HB LP


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I like it!  But 86 that gigantic truss rod cover and get a smaller one.  You could serve dinner for two on that thing!


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I thought you were gonna go with white pup rings?

Works really nicely with the black though.  Great build



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Jaw droppingly beautiful. I like the big truss rod cover and the black rings (although white, cream really, would have worked just as well). Can you tell us a bit about choosing that top wood? Did you just call up and request the sweetest piece of flame maple available? is that a '5A' deal? Also, I'd like to know why you went with a Warmoth headstock instead of the obvious Gibson nice as the Warmoth shape is, my eyes are just accustomed to seeing that classic symetrical headstock shape!


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Yep, this one will be Bradyn's when he's old enough to play.  This is actually a showcase body that I had finished for me by Warmoth.  I was thinking about going with white or creme pickup rings, but I decided to go with the black to use as a contrast to the chrome on the knobs, pickups/pickup rings, and the tuners, I figrued it would stand out a little more.  The pickups are GFS Crunchy PAF's in the bridge and neck and a Dream 90 in the middle.  In hindsight I should have probably went with a 2 HB because I find myself tapping the middle pickup due to my "digging in" a lot more than I had ever realized, but I've always liked the look of 3 HB guitars.  I guess I know better for next time.  I'm pretty pleased with the GFS pickups.  I don't think you could get a better deal for the price.  The Crunchy PAF's are nice and hot, but not too hot, and the Dream 90 is supposed to be a P90 in a humbucker case and I guess it sounds like its supposed to..I'm not that familiar with P90s, just sounds like a fat single coil.  It could be because of the fact that its a les paul body, but the coil tapped modes on the humbuckers are fairly useless.  They lack some "punch" but hey its a paul!  That's my only real complaint about the pickups.  The rosewood neck feels nice too.


Oh. My. Ugh... role model for another project...

I like the Warmoth headstock on that. Pay tribute to those that know!

And yes, P-90's are supposed to sound like "basically a really fat single coil".  :)


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Oooooooooo, Daddy like!  I have generally the same idea for an LP...and have just inspired me to put that project back on the front burner. Nice Axe!  :eek:ccasion14: