Fender Telecaster


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I found in a local guitar shop what looks to be a mahogany or brownish stained ash Fender Telecaster Thinline (with the f-hole) in perfect shape for $500 OBO.  It plays totally clean.  One issue is that I can not find a serial number anywhere that is visible.  Should I do some investigating on it or just stay away.  Having never owned a Telecaster, I thought this would be a great deal to screw around with one.  Need some advice on this.....
Is it ash or mahogany? You should be able to tell by the wood grain, even if it's stained...

Fender did some mahogany bodied Thinlines in the late 60s, and there have been reissues made in Japan and the US of these. It should either have a serial number on the neckplate or in decal form on front or back of the peghead, depending on model/place of manufacture.
Little more info.  Made in Mexico and has new Tele Texas Specials put in.  Can probably get for $425.  Yeah or neigh?
Sounds like a '69 re-issue Tele Thinline, most likely crafted in Japan (CIJ).  It's Mahogany if that's the one.  Nothing special, you can pick one up anywhere.
Super, I think you are correct.  I've decided not to get it and set the $$ aside for another VIP build.
I was gonna post a pic of one, but the only natural finish I found was Ash ironically.  The Mahogany models made now are sunburst and solid finishes.  About 10 years ago, they made one that was unmistakeably Mahagony will a clear gloss finish.  It looks like they're going for about a grand now as opposed to $600 ten years ago.  Anywho, if you get a chance to look at it again, you'll notice that the top and sides are all the same piece, routed and then the back applied as a cap.  This is the opposite of the Warmoth models where the top is a cap.  Much more appealing IMHO, because you can retain the mahogany body but dress the top up with a more visually appealing top like Maple.