Fancy strat build took over a year


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This build is already completed. I'm just putting a retro build log here for fun.

Just over a year ago, I got this beautiful quartersawn dark rosewood Warmoth neck as a gift. I had a strat body but this was too good for it, so I just jumped on the warmoth site and there was this beautiful unfinished 1 piece 3lb ash body in the showcase. I ordered it finished in honey burst and bought top tier hardware. While I was waiting for the body to arrive, I installed Schaller locking tuners on the neck.

When the body came, I visually inspected and quickly checked the specs and proceeded to install the strap locks. Easy enough, the gold Schaller strap locks are in.

Next, I went to install the neck just to see how it would look like and there it was  :sad:, a sizable gap between the neck and neck pocket on the side and front of the pocket. I use a fret rocker to check the neck pocket and it had a disappointing curve on two sides. No good for the perfectionist me  :tard:

I had already installed strap locks, but I would have still kept the body if I had not, as I thought it is an easy fix. The neck pocket seemed high enough so taking off a bit would have levelled it nicely. This project waited for me to fix the neck pocket, for over a year. Until recently, I bought a template and a router bit and put a thread in here to get advice:

Thanks to the legends who contributed to that thread, I was able to get a perfect fit for the neck pocket, nice!  :eek:ccasion14:

The rest is in the photos attached. Parts used are:

Warmoth quartersawn dark rosewood neck of course, jumbo frets and standard neck profile
Schaller staggered locking tuners - these are a bit heavy, but worth every gram
Graphtech nut - I cut my own nuts  :laughing7:
1 Piece 3.3lb ash body, finished in honey burst
Schaller strap locks
Seymour Duncan classic stack noiseless pickup set - wood mounted these in warmoth EMG single coil rout  :icon_thumright:
Kluson bridge
CTS push-pull pot (for 7 sound strat wiring)
5-way VLX53 switch - I really like these, smooth but with very well defined steps

The body-neck weight came out well balanced, initially after installing the tuners and considering the extra light body I was expecting neck dive but I got lucky there.

As a chronic perfectionist, the only thing I would change about this guitar is the strings.


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