F-holes on les paul like florentine


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Well, the topic-title gives away what I'd really like, huh? :D

but also some other inlay... What about little dolphins? or birds? or little dragons? If thats too much work, why not plain simple lightning? Just like you see on the ace frehley les paul.

Or multiply binding on body and headstock?

Or the es335 with and without carved top?

Or different inlay-materials? different colors for the pearloid.
I don't know that there would be enough demand to warrant the other suggestions; you should call/email Warmoth, they MIGHT do custom f-hole figures if you supply a design template and pay extra $$$. As to "Or different inlay-materials? different colors for the pearloid.", they just had a number of custom LP and Warmoth necks on the Showcase with colored pearloid that sold pretty quick, so you might see that becoming an option; here's a gold pearloid LP neck that is still there:

Multiple binding would be cool, but I don't ever expect to see that. Would definitely enjoy some sort of headstock binding though.
if multiply binding would be possible, I'd build even more warmoths...A white LP custom, for instance.
For the sake discussion, what is a "les paul like florentine"?  I ask because I thought Warmoth offered a f-hole on their semi-hollow Les Pauls.
a les paul florentine is a les paul that is semi-hollow with f-holes. As far as I know, warmoth does not offer f-holes on the hollowed-out  les pauls. At least not the carved out-version.
Some visual help...

TexxasJam said:
How much does that affect the sound?   F-Hole vs. No F-Hole.

It just looks awesome! thats it. oh, and it gives you a bit of twang, and a whole lotta more feedback.