Epi bolt LP body swap.....newb


Hi everyone, im just getting my feet wet with the idea of building and/or modifying guitars.  Ive got a very cheap Epi LP Special (junior) with the crappy laminated body.  I changed the bridge pup and find myself playing this guitar quite a bit (I have other MUCH more expensive axes)   

I like the feel of the guitar, but its obvious in tone that the body needs to go.  My plan was to replace the body and re use the neck and hardware.  But the warmoth LP bodies are 25 1/2".  Am I SOL?  Anyone done something similiar?  I cant be the only guy with this idea.....  The guitar probaly isnt worth it in the first place....but sounded like a fun project. 

Thanks for any tips!  Cool forum!  :headbang:
I'm almost entirely sure that even if the neck pocket fit OK, you'd throw the scale length off.
It can be done.  Just do your own bridge drilling.  You'll have to do the math.  But the question is would it be worth it? Probably not.  Just reuse the hardware and electronics for another project, and in the meantime use it as a beater.
Thanks for the input guys.  I agree, the time and effort to drill it myself is not worth putting into this guitar.  Its been a beater all along....I guess it will stay that way!  :icon_biggrin: 

Does anyone make a make a correct scale LP body?  Why does Warmoth change it?  :icon_scratch: More popular......?    Personally I like both.  A choice would be nice. 

Part of the feel of a LP is the scale, I dont get building one on the longer strat scale...might as well build a strat...  just my two cents. 

Thanks again!  :eek:ccasion14:
Warmoth's LP bodies are made such that they can take the 25.5" scale necks, OR their more normal 25.75" scale "Conversion" necks. You can make any of their 25.5 scale bodies into 24.75 scale guitars by buying a 24.75" scale neck from them.
However, you have to look at the end of the neck and see where the last fret is in relation to the pocket. Some necks have a fingerboard overhang, some have frets that all fit within the pocket etc. You can get a pretty good idea from pictures.