Eden nemesis range


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Hey guys,  Another question for you.

A friends of mine Sam, is downsizing his rig (babies on the way), and has bought an Ashdown Little Giant head.  He's currently running it through a Trace Elliot 2x10 cab which is excellent but physically large.
He mostly plays Jazz and Funk, and gets most of his 'tone' from his Line6 BassPod (the one on the floor, not the kidneybean), so he only really needs an amplifier for 'loud' or 'louder'.

He's looking at getting an Eden Nemesis 2x10 as it is a bit smaller than the Trace.

Does anybody have any experience with the Nemesis range?  I know Eden's "regular" stuff is extremely well respected, but you could say that the Nemesis stuff is like the budget option.  Is it any good though?