Ebony Dye Advice


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I've read differing opinions of the best way to dye ebony fretboards.

The Stew Mac dye is supposedly just leather dye.

I've heard people advocate alcohol-based too.

What's your opinion?

Thanks in advance!
the stew-mac stuff (Fiebing leather dye) works wonderfully and is easy to get hold of

have you heard bad reports about it?

in all honesty i only use it occasionally for fretboards - generally i try to stick with ebony that is almost pure black or purposefully streaky like mac ebony.  but i have done a few and the dye has come in usefull for many other projects too
They won't ship it overseas, so while I am home in the US, I went to Tandy Leather and bought a bottle of USMC Black leather dye!
i am in the UK so they wouldnt ship it to me either,  but since the brand is clearly readable on the stew-mac website a quick search found the exact same stuff here.  i am sure what you have got will work fine but make sure to test it first since there may be a difference