Ebay Spalted Flame Maple LP Kit - Build

DangerousR6 said:
Looks good, but should have left the neck au-natur-owl.... :dontknow:

I could have, but the way the guy had set neck was kind of messy, and he had dripped glue everywhere staining the wood. It would have taken a lot of work, and I an also am big fan of black backed guitars.
OK, all the tape protecting the binding will be coming off tonight, then I will re-cover the fingerboard and nut.

Binding scraping and clear coats are next, going all the way around the front and back. I was thinking of hanging the body from a hook (through the tuner holes), but I am a little worried that the clear will then run. I think as long as i keep the coats thin I should be OK.

Unless anyone has a better idea?   :icon_scratch:
Tempest said:
That was $175??   :tard:

Looks very good  :headbang:

Thanks guys. Yep, only $175. It has been a big learning process for me. By no standard was this anywhere near a finished state when I received it. Still have some minor defects to sort out before I start clear coats.

Apart from some minor binding defects, and sanding the kit is coming along nicely.

The white plastic nut on it is a bit mess (and is hollow  :tard:  ) and the action is pretty high. So I have a black graphtech pre-cut and slotted replacement which I am installing before starting clear coats.
Thanks guys, good to hear you are all enjoying this. Taping off the fingerboard and clear coats are next...  :confused4:
I hate you, do you know that?

Now I can't let this go. I NEED to have a les paul with a spalted maple top, and now what?!

Now I need to find one, otherwise my gas will absorb me, or whatever.

neh, nice axe man! I'll let you guys know if I find one myself ;)