Earvana and bridge compensation issue (?)


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I'm wondering about whether an Earvana nut will make it impossible to use the compensated tele 3-saddle bridges that Callaham, Joe Barden, and Glendale sell. Is it asking for trouble to mix an Earvana nut with those bridges? Would that make 'too much compensation'? I can't think of anyone on here who has used both, but I thought I would ask. I definitely don't want to use a 6-saddle tele bridge, I would rather skip the Earvana than skip the big brass bridge saddles.

PS - if you've got an Earvana nut and you've really dialed in the intonation, a quick pic of your bridge saddles would be really appreciated.
I never thought of this but it is possible that those kind won't work right. When I had an Earvana, the usual look of the saddles was pretty different from the way it usually is. It was flatter than the usual way they tend to go.

I just emailed Earvana to ask them - I'll let you know if they write back.
It should depend on the string gauge you use as well.  I have the 9-10 blend on my guitar that has the Warmoth/Earvana nut on it.  Here is the pict of the bridge.



Thanks for that - I assume that's intonated to within a cent or so? Looks like the ratio between each 'pair' of strings, if you know what I mean, is still about the same, except your two high strings are about equal. I would use an unwound G, and probably 10-46 gauge, maybe put 11s on once in a while. Love the hardtail strat, too!
Anybody else got pics to compare?
GoDrex said:
I just emailed Earvana to ask them - I'll let you know if they write back.

You should have no problem intonating with this type of saddle.

On May 14, 2009, at 2:10 PM, Gary O. Drechsel wrote:

Hi I was wondering if I'd have trouble intonating a guitar (like a Telecaster) with the 3 slant compensated saddles and the Earvana nut - like these:

<t_sd_s.jpg> - callaham saddles picture

um... ok

btw - seems to me that with those kinds of bridge saddles, intonation becomes a compromise anyway. Though I don't know - never used them.
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SuperL, you don't even have the right GRILL CLOTH on your amp - so you got no room to talk! Leadbelly & Robert Johnson didn't need any electrification at all, either, so there you're a double triple wuss.

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Oh, and thanks a lot Gary for sending that email - it never occurs to me to try for actual customer service. I have the compensated saddles on one guitar and it works pretty well, I mean the basic pattern is always the same unless you use a wound G and they have alternate saddles for that setup. My intonation is within cent, roughly - about the same as I can do with a six saddle setup.