Drop horn telecaster


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I got a telecaster body and am interested in modifying it to a drop-horn tele. I plan to use a coping saw to get the original shape, a rasp and sander to smooth it out and a Dremel with a table router attachment to rout the rounded edges. I don't have any router bits and don't want to go to the expense of ordering a set of bits. I'm curious -- does anyone knows what size bit I'll need for the rounded edged?
Well not knowing the make, let’s say it’s a Fender body, they have had at least 3 different radii. I would suggest you measure it then get the correct bit.
If they chop it off, that's a no-horn! I've seen them, didn't know what they were called. If you chop it off, I'd just spend some time and sand it to the shape you want.