Doubleneck King V...


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Man, I just saw a pic of Mustaine's new Dean doubleneck V...  wow.  That's the sweetest looking doubleneck I've ever seen...  I'd love to have one of my very own, but without the dean price tag... :sad:

That being said, I wouldn't mind seeing the King V as a standard body shape, rather than a custom order.
Dean trips me out sometimes - THIRTY-TWO Dimebag Darrell models, he's still designing several new ones every year and he's been DEAD since 2004! What, are you supposed to collect them all?  :icon_tongue: They just released a Tommy Bolin model, he's been dead for 32 years. They do make really great playing guitars, but they're priced several hundred dollars more apiece than what you can get elsewhere. It's a sad fact, but Koreans & Japanese can run CNC machines and screw in screws just as well as Americans these days. Here's a winner:

Now Gibson has copied the Dean, which is obviously a mashup of two Gibson models. And they're both butt-ugly.

The only two things to come out of Dean that I like are the Dave Mustaine V's and the Hardtails....  I REALLY hate that V-shaped headstock, and a lot of their body styles just look ridiculous...
The Dean Sarasota was a really nice guitar, and totally out of character for Dean.  I wanted one but they stopped making the 6-string (now it's only in a 12-string).

Other than that, I'm not a fan of Dean.

Well, except for those fuzzy spinning guitars...