Different Gotoh 510 bridges



I'm about to order a strat from Warmoth with a 510 route. However I've noticed that there are actually a couple of 510 bridges

There are also T versions of these tremolos, which have zinc blocks (rather than steel) and I think they have the FST mechanism, whereas the TS versions do not (maybe?). Anyway, Warmoth's route is meant to accomodate the 510TS-FE1, however I'm looking at potentially the EV510TS-BS or the 510TS-BS1.

So I'm wondering:
  1. Is anyone familiar with whether the other 510 models here will fit the 510 route Warmoth does? I asked them directly (about the 510TS-BS1) and they said it should most likely be fine, which seems about right! But if someone has tried this out themselves, that would be great!
  2. Does anyone know the precise differences between these 510 tremolos?
1. The 510TS-BS1 should fit.
2. On the Gotoh website you have linked to, you can see the dimensional differences by comparing each line drawing for each variant to determine dimensional compatibility.

The TS models do not have the FST mechanism. The bridges that do have FST are mentioned as having it. FST is a newer offering.