Did I just screw up my V body with black grain filler? What do you think?

What's your honest opinion?

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  • I just threw up in my mouth. Sand that thing back!

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Okay, so I just slapped some black stewmack grain filler on my korina V body.  It looks dramatically different, and I can't decide if I love it or hate it.  Would appreciate some neutral 3rd party opinions before I go to town with the tung oil.  BTW...I have the body wetted down with mineral spirits in this pic to approximate what it will look like finished.

that is awesome, i was just thinking about what korina would look like with black grain filler, it reminds me a bit of mahogany, now all it needs is a dark dark dark trans red finish.
Completely screwed up. You'll have to throw it away and start with a new one. To avoid the shame and disgrace if somebody should find it in your trash, you can send it to me and I will dispose of it properly  :eek:ccasion14:
Just a word -

When you use contrasting filler - you have to pay close attention to the edges, so that you dont sand back too much, and negate the "contrast" effect.  You might have just a tiny bit of that happening.... but not much.  The cure is to wipe some filler on REAL thin with your finger, in the "light" areas, and sand back again being more careful.

Usually it takes more than just one filling anyway for a really good fill. 
I don't think you screwed it up. I had the same exact reaction when I did my PJ - http://www.unofficialwarmoth.com/index.php?topic=3372.0
But I'm going to go ahead and finish it that way. And you can't 'screw it up' - it'll all sand off pretty easily if you change your mind next year. But I think yours looks hot.
I also think it looks sweet :glasses9:  but I get the impression it didn't match the image in your head.  What look are you going for?
I think it looks pretty good. 

I think CB may be right about sanding back a little too far, looking at the top left 'shoulder'.  May just be a trick of the light though.
Its almost an inevitable thing when you're leveling - even with a block.  You sorta have to finesse the edges a bit.
Okay...the votes are in, and it looks like I'll be going with it as-is.  Thanks for all who provided input!

The edges actually look ok...I think maybe the mineral spirits I put on it were starting to evaporate when I snapped the pic and it made a couple of the edges look lighter.  You guys have sharp eyes though!
damn... I just wet myself. This thing is very sweet!  :kewlpics: :party07: :rock-on: can't decide if I would do a tobaccoburst, or just this, or transred...
Orpheo said:
damn... I just wet myself. This thing is very sweet!  :kewlpics: :party07: :rock-on: can't decide if I would do a tobaccoburst, or just this, or transred...

Tobacco-burst was exactly what I was thinking after seeing the OP's pic! That'd be sick! :headbang:
Thanks again for the feedback guys...I'm on the 3rd coat of tung oil now and it is really starting to look good (sadly no bursts or transparent red...sorry).  Now that I'm starting to get used to it with some finish, I think the black grain fill is going to go extremely well with the wenge/ebony neck and black hardware.  I'm going to wait until I'm done tung oiling to post pics so you can see the full effect, but I'll be sure to get 'em up here.  Thanks!