Deeper cutaway for 24 fret extensions...and who does after market inlays?


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Last Warmoth build was your basic strat but with a 24 fret extension on the neck.

Love the extra frets, but wish I had just a little deeper cutaway to grab those bends easier. Even 1/2 " could work wonders, and I have somewhat large/long fingers those 24 frets but also wish for a single inlay at the 12th fret for easier navigation.

Does anyone do after market inlays...on a (gasp!) Fully scalloped neck?

A single bar/block would be divine!  :headbang:
This fully scalloped board with 24 frets is Pau Ferro.

This particular piece is noticeably lighter than some pieces I have seen with dark streaks I'm them (no dark streaks in this one).

It looks like light milk chocolate (with the slightest dust covering) and I was wondering if it would be possible to SURGICALLY stain it...or at least some key fret locations just the smallest shade?

Effects of Tru Oil on said fingerboard?
Is that a no no?