June Submissions - Guitar of the Month Contest (11 entries)


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I'm pleased to announce the June, 2011 Guitar of the Month contest.  June's contest will be for "Warmoth/Professionally" instruments.

Please read the GOM rules, which have been refined, with some slight changes, and are posted in a sticky in this forum area.

Submissions must be sent, to uwfgom@gmail.com, and contain two images no greater than 1024x768, along with your description and details of the instrument.

In turn, those images will posted to this message, which is June's submission thread.  

Submissions will be accepted from June 1st to June 7th, so get your cameras clicking!

All discussion for the submissions can take place below, along with other pictures hosted by the poster.  

Good luck, and may the best guitar win!

Guitar #1: by Greg Stringer
Warmoth Strat Showcase poplar body
Contoured heel

Warmoth Explorer 24 ¾ scale maple
Indian rosewood fingerboard
Sharkfin inlays
Standard thin countour with 10”- 16” compound radius
1 5/8 nut
6150 fretwire

Seymour Duncan JB Jr. (bridge)
Seymour Duncan Hot Rails (middle and neck)
Schaller Floyd Rose tremolo
Schaller mini-locking tuners
Five-way switch

Body and face of headstock painted Porsche Red by Reed’s Early Iron
Back of neck clear coated by Reed’s Early Iron (I rubbed it down to a satin finish)



Guitar #2: by Max
Telecaster/Les Paul Special inspired guitar
Locking Gotoh Tuners
Bone Nut
Birdseye Maple neck
-1 11/16" nut
-59 roundback
-Total Vintage
Mahogany body
-Tonar TV White finish
Grolsch Straplocks
Custom Roadhouse (TroubledTreble) Humbucker
Custom Roadhouse (TroubledTreble) T-90 pickup (tele/p90)
Custom-designed pickguard (4 ply)
Glendale Blackguard bridge
Glendale Twang-plus saddles
Mark Rutter Angled tele plate
Allparts black bell knobs
Countersunk ferrules
3-ply jack plate



Guitar #3: by Steve St.Laurent

Schaller locking tuners (chrome)
Maple Warmoth Pro neck w/Indian rosewood fingerboard - Vintage tint satin finish
Custom logo designed and printed by me on the headstock w/MADE IN USA and HOTROD STRAT (in the same font as the stratocaster on a fender headstock) and the Warmoth logo – nitro’d over and leveled into the finish
1 11/16" nut width
Fender LSR roller nut
Standard thin neck contour
10"-16" compound radius fingerboard (22 frets)
SS6105 frets
Abalone dots
Custom laser engraved neck plate with W Warmoth logo and an S'69 (letter of my name and year I was born)
Threaded inserts for neck attachment
Chambered swamp ash body with swamp ash laminate top (3 lbs 10 oz)
Tobacco burst finish front & back
front HSS route, top jack
Fender two point chrome American standard tremolo
Black/White/Black pickguard
Hennessey deluxe chrome strap locks
Lace Holy grail pickups in neck and middle
Lace Dually Red/Silver humbucker pickup in bridge
Double Treble matching brown/black Python strap

Custom S1 switching with the following pickup options with the 5 way:

S1 Up:
1 - Bridge
2 - Bridge & middle in parallel
3 - Middle
4 - Middle & neck in parallel
5 - Neck

S1 Down:
1 - Bridge & middle in series
2 - Bridge & middle & neck in parallel
3 - Bridge & neck in parallel
4 - Bridge & neck in series plus middle in parallel
5 - Neck & middle in series

Master TBX tone control (2 way tone pot with a middle detent that allows you to cut treble or bass) bottom tone pot is a push/pull pot wired to work as a variable coil split for the humbucker so I can use either coil individually, both together, or one at full volume and the other at variable volume along with all the above options and a fender passing lane switch to bypass the volume & tone pots and go straight to the humbucker



Guitar #4: by Telenator
10 years ago I met some guys on an internet guitar forum from South Dakota. I live in Connecticut and go out there every year during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and they very graciously allow me to sit in with them 4 or 5 nights during rally week. Four years ago, the bass player was in a motorcycle accident and lost the use of his legs. Since then I've been watching him struggle with his bass and felt it was time to do something about it. The bass you see here features a Warmoth neck. All the hardware and pickup are also directly from Warmoth. This bass represents 9 months of designing and building and is a gift to my friend. I just retruned from South Dakota on May 23rd where I delivered the bass to him in person and we played a gig for friends and family. It is by far the most fun project I've ever done, and I've done a lot of projects! I call it "Ergo-Vibe" because it is ergonomically designed for the special needs of someone who plays in a wheel chair. The neck is rotated 15 degrees as are the bridge and pickup. This angle allows the player to slouch back in their chair while keeping the fingerboard perpendicular to the floor. Otherwise, the player needs to reach further around the neck to fret the notes. The leg cut has also been moved back a few inches to position the instrument more directly in front of the player. But this created a balance issue where the bass became "neck-heavy." To address this issue, I made a small leaf spring that attaches to the body and supports the neck in a "hands free" posture! Orange and clear nitro finish



Guitar #5: by Torment Leaves Scars
Finish: Candy Blue Body/Matching Headstock (my signature on headstock in gold paint)

Neck:  Maple/Maple, 22 Jumbo Fret, Wizard Profile, Abalone Inlays

Body:  Alder, Contoured Heel

Hardware:  Gotoh Tuning Machines, Fender Tone/Volume/ Pots, Fender Selector Switch, DiMarzio D-Activator X Neck Pickup, DiMarzio Super Distortion Bridge Pickup, Schaller-Floyd (made in Germany) Tremolo



Guitar #6: by Dough Boy
1 piece extra light chambered mahogany Strat
AAAAA Flame maple top

Warmoth Pro 1 5/8” AAAAA Flame maple Strat neck & fingerboard
Wizard contour
16” radius
6115 Stainless Steel frets
Black TUSQ XL nut
Satin finish on the fretboard & Tru-oil on the back

Wilkinson VS100 tremolo
Gotoh mini tuners
Graphite string tree
3 Custom wound Lindy Fralin noiseless P-90s


Guitar #7, by DbU
Warmoth Body:
Carved Top Soloist
Yellow dye, Transparent Red w/shading
No binding, clean line to Black Gloss

1-piece mahogany body
Unique Choice quilt maple top
Contoured heel
HxH pick-up routing
Recessed Floyd routing

Warmoth Neck:
Warmoth Pro
Yellow dye, Red/Black scallop
No binding, clean line to Gloss Black

Maple neck
Unique Choice 3A flame maple board
Warmoth "DbU" headstock shape
Quilt maple veneer
1-11/16 nut width
R4 locking nut 1-11/16 string width
Wolfgang profile
24 fret extension
SS6100 frets
No inlays/face dots
Black side dots
Gloss Black back and Clear fretboard finish

All black

EMG 81/85
Original Floyd Rose w/Brass Big Block upgrade
R4 nut
Gotoh tuners
Single volume
CRL 3-way blade switch w/black knob
DR6 Top Notch Crap custom neck plate and truss cover



Guitar #8: by Murat Ozyonum

Warmoth LP Showcase Body, Ouilt Maple Top on White Korina

Warmoth Pro Angled 25 1/2  scale Indian Rosewood on Indian Rosewood
Trapezoid Pearloid Inlays
Standard thin countour with 10-16" Compound Radius
1 11/16" nut
6130 frets

Seymour Duncan JB Nickel (Bridge)
Seymour Duncan Jazz Nickel (Neck)
Tonepros TOM Chrome Hardtail Bridge
Schaller Chrome Mini-Locking Tuners
LP Toggle 3 Way Switch with Cream Plate
Cream Mounting Rings
Schaller Locking Chrome Strap Buttons
Indian Rosewood Custom Truss Rod Cover Ordered

Honey Burst top, Transperant Brown Back with Natural Masked Binding
No Finish on Rosewood Neck



Guitar #9, by Cumberland Honda
It is a pau ferro compound radius scalloped neck with SS6100 frets RS locking nut and planet waves tuners. The body is poplar with red flake finish. All hardware is gold. Kahler trem. Built in Roland GK3 pickup. I custom made a 13 pin jack so this guitar is only used with my Roland VG99. Pickups are EMG SA set wired to 5way switch and then direct to G3K board. The mini push switches are the S1and S2 for the GK3. The mini switch is to turn power on and off for the EMGs and the volume control is the master volume for the GK3.
I painted the GK3 pickup cover white.


Guitar #10: by Richship
Chambered Mahogany/Maple
Ivoroid binding
Goldtop Gold/Clear

Mahogany/Macassar Ebony with Ivoroid binding
Standard Thin contour
1 11/16" nut width
Straight 12"
6150 nickel frets
MOP Dots

Kluson Waffleback nickel finish tuners with Ivoroid Knobs from CrazyParts
Gotoh 510UB bridge in Nickel
Ivory EMG PSA pickup in neck, PFT in bridge



Guitar #11: by Grabby
Standard Telecaster®
Right handed
Top Rout
Pickup Rout: (Tele® (Neck), None (Middle), Tele® (Bridge)),
Bridge: Tele® Bridge
Side Jack: 7/8" Side
Tummy Cut
Binding Top: Cream Binding
Top Finish: Transparent Blue
Back Finish:Transparent Blue
Battery Box: Single

Tele, Anaconda

Telecaster®, Warmoth Pro
Right Handed Handed
Birdseye Maple
Birdseye Maple Fretboard
1 11/16" Nut Width
Standard thin
6150 Frets
Planet Waves(13/32") Tuner Ream, 22 frets
10-16" Compound Radius
Abalone Face Dots Inlay
White Corian
Vintage Tint Gloss
25-1/2 in. Scale

EMG-T (Alnico magnets)



I would like to see some of those basses from last month that meet the criteria of WARMOTH/PRO finished entered this month....lets keep it interesting.
After two attempts in the course of a year, i believe my purple Z isnt going appear again, maybee third time lucky somepoint  :dontknow:
though i did get more votes last month than before, so im happy about that  :toothy12: :toothy12:

However whatever its cousin turns out to be, may well have a fighting chance with any of the ideas i have planned  :evil4: :evil4:
Do we really need to have a contest this month cough-DbU's Afterburner-cough?  I would enter mine, but that's like Tim Pawlenty running for President, you know it doesn't stand a chance.
Well...while the cool the AFTERBURNER (did ZZ TOP ok this?) may not be to everyone taste.
DMRACO said:
Well...while the cool the AFTERBURNER (did ZZ TOP ok this?) may not be to everyone taste.

Agreed... while there is no doubt it will win, there are still a lot of members that prefer to vote for a more "classic design" or perhaps for a "granny's coffee table" style guitars...
Marko said:
DMRACO said:
Well...while the cool the AFTERBURNER (did ZZ TOP ok this?) may not be to everyone taste.

Agreed... while there is no doubt it will win, there are still a lot of members that prefer to vote for a more "classic design" or perhaps for a "granny's coffee table" style guitars...
While the flames are not my thing, the finish is awesome,  I like the headstock too
When I vote I decide by which one I would want to own most of all.
Not always the prettiest or flashiest.

It helps to have chrome or nickel hardware, if you're after my vote :)
AutoBat said:
When I vote I decide by which one I would want to own most of all.
Not always the prettiest or flashiest.

It helps to have chrome or nickel hardware, if you're after my vote :)

Just say no to gold hardware, eh AutoBat
Well, I just submitted my Ergo-Vibe Bass for physically challanged people.

I've seen some really sweet guitars and basses in the archives. Beautiful work on everyone's part!
Death by Uberschall said:
You guys want me to sit this one out? I can always enter it another month.  :)

Why...a contest is a contest....all is fair game.
another tough month and it is just the first day of entries
this is getting to be a tough crowd