Decisions, decisions.

What a long, strange trip it's been...


...and it still won't be here for another day and half!
Man! And when I bought this body, somebody misundertood SP (means São Paulo [State of Brazil]) as Spain... My guitar make a world tour before me!  :laughing3: It went to Spain, Germany, Spain again, then I saw it on UPS site and tell Warmoth, so it went back to USA and go to Brazil!!! :icon_biggrin:
Be glad they don't use USPS to ship... I accidently work at the Dallas Main Post Office for 13 months a long time ago, and since I was an "Einstein" they had me screen all the hand sorted mail in the "Outside US" pigeonholes before it went to the Airmail facility. You'd be amazed (or maybe not) how many US postal employees thought Indiana, New Mexico, Hawaii and Alaska are foreign countries. 
jackthehack said:
Where do you live, Florida? I wonder why Warmoth only offers ground shipping?

No, I live in the Little Rock Ar. area.

In fact, right now I'm at work at the Little Rock Airport only a couple hundred yards for the UPS Sorting/Shipping facility.
I've would have gone to the UPS place before 8 pm with the tracking number and picked it up Friday, but I'm obsessed...