Damn, I think I am now officially a Warmoth Fanboy... who else is?

Sea, you are so right and I'm with you ! I had a fender American original 50's strat that I ordered back in March . Well fender said November / December now . I found a mint one and bought it . I couldn't wait to Open the case , it looks nice :) . Plugged it in and was so underwhelmed I couldn't wait to move on . Now to be fair every strat I've owned I've sold , but not usually within 48 hour's lol.
I have a warmoth build with Seymour Duncan's strat layout that sounds so much better , plays better.
My number one guitar since about 2003 is a 1997 Fender Deluxe Strat, which was the nicest ones they made around then. It's an excellent guitar, but my new Mooncaster blows it away in pretty much every area - the Fralin PAFs sound awesome and definitely better than the Fender Gen 3 noiseless singles, rosewood fretboard (my favorite  :icon_smile:) instead of maple, TOM instead of tremolo that I don't use, and the neck is much more comfortable since I've found that I like thicker and wider necks ('59 Roundback feels niiiiice) and has the compound radius, SS frets, etc. It plays much easier than my other guitars even, so I am even playing better with it.

Then you add the incredible finish and all the little custom hardware bits I either found or made, it's so much more unique and reflects my 'style'. There is literally no guitar on the planet that is more suitable for me!  :laughing3: :headbang:

I actually replaced the knobs and made my own back control cavity cover out of red tortoiseshell pickguard material and took some new pictures the other day. I attached them, hopefully they work.

Despite being made entirely of Walnut it's also lighter than the strat surprisingly. Literally no areas where I prefer my actual strat. I'm already drooling at the thought of a hollow carved-top telecaster - black korina/quilted maple/blue dye and maybe ivoroid binding...  :icon_scratch: Oh well, I've got plenty of time to think - I won't be able to build another for a while.  :(


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