Cryin' 2020 (Cover)


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This song has attracted me for years and I think this is a great guitar instrumental masterpiece.
And many guitar players try to cover it along their guitar journey ...

My first attempt 7 years ago quite failed. Retrospectively I think this was just above my former playing capabilities.

The challenging things in this song is not the shredding. A good and consistent Bending and Vibrato intonation in the verse and chorus parts is pretty hard to achieve (at least to me). I guess everyone who has tried AND recorded it know what I mean ...

There are some very musical pinch harmonic parts I really love. I have added some more where I thought they sound good.

Apart of the great guitar playing from Joe Satriani this song has an impressive musical arrangement with a pretty tasty underlying chord progression.

As I couldn't find an appropriate backing track, I did one on my own (all instruments are recorded by myself).
So I had to dive a bit deeper into the chords and song structure as well ...

The song structure is a true reference for a great guitar instrumental: it is pretty much structured like most popular vocal songs (intro-verse-chorus-bridge-outro).

And JS is a true Master in using his guitar very much like a singer would do. His details in the phrasings are phenomenal to me.

And the chords he is using are amazing too: just by adding a base note to regular chords (B-chord ---> B/E; Emaj7 ---> Emaj7/G#, etc.) the song turns into a very nice sound floor.

I have tried to be close as possible in the verse and chorus parts, because these are the signature elements of the song to me. The Bridge part towards the end and the outro solo part is improvised. I just did several Takes and took the best of them.

Not sure, whether there will be a third attempt in future ... anyhow, I hope you like it and I like to hear from you what you think of it:

In case of interest - this is the download link to my free of charge backing track:

Stay healthy - wolbai

P.S. The Spooky-tune is still in the pipeline, but it is delayed  :)
That works! In all your playing you use bends but for some reason this time I found myself focusing on them. They were almost hypnotic. Very well done.
@Rgand - Your feedback pleases me very much  :icon_thumright:

Tasty variations and a different intensity in the bending and vibrato is the key to bring emotions into that tune.

And believe me: During the recording I was also heavily focused on my bending and vibrato to maintain a good intonation  :icon_biggrin:

So good to hear that this has paid off :)

I also have tried to increase bending/vibrato intensity towards the end of the song by combining it with Raking.
And I could hear in the JS playing the deliberate use of Raking string noise too.

Having that said:

Although I am pretty focused to improve my bending/vibrato technique over the last 5 years, I sometimes feel that this restrains me a bit to play relaxed and fluently. But that seems to be a snapshot on my personal guitar journey.

I am still convinced that over time and with constant practicing, bending and vibrato will improve slowly.
And that is what makes a good guitar player in my view.

Stay healthy  :icon_thumright:
"The shredding is not the problem" well, maybe for some of you, LOL. GREAT tone there, nice job. And man, what a beautiful guitar; couldn't keep my eyes off it.
Excellent work!! I was anticipating a cover of the Aerosmith song, I was most pleasantly surprised to find the Satch tune instead! Fantastic playing there, you really nailed it. That sustained bend with vibrato right around the 1:30 mark was damned impressive.  :headbang1:
Hi all,

thanks a lot again for all of your encouraging feedbacks - they keep me motivated to publish from time to time some tunes  :icon_thumright:

Covering songs on a detailed level, helps to understand (me) that working on details (e.g. Bending, Vibrato, string noise reduction, etc.) matters a lot in becoming a decent musician.

Having that said: some musicians express themselves disparagingly to do cover songs. I couldn`t disagree more.

@rick2 : I record my electric guitars tracks with a Marshall JVM410, a Rivera Rockcrusher, the BluBox from BluGuitar (speaker emulation) into a Audient iD14 audio interface (no micing). My DAW is Cubase. I use various izotope products for the Mixing and Mastering.

@Tyrannocaster: It is a Warmoth H-S-H built and my main guitar since years.

Stay healthy and all the best  :icon_thumright: