Crushed Metal Style Finishes!

Any suggestions as to what settings I can change on my computer that will allow me to see Gregg's pictures?
Gregg said:
neilium said:
Is that done with leaf metal?
No, just paint and chemicals.

I dig it, I get the paint part, are the chemicals for me or the paint?

I've been using beer on my finnishes so far and that works good too.
They look pretty cool... but I wouldn't buy one (unless I join some sort of thrash/industrial metal band).  Just not my style.  It's cool in the same way resonator guitars and doublenecks are... I like looking at them and maybe even playing them for the novelty but I wouldn't spend my money on them.

But the question isn't "does dbw like it", it's "will it sell", and the answer is yes.  :party07:
I am really crappy with visualizing things, but I think this is like many other finishes you do. I do not like looking at it just like this, but once a pick guard is thrown on there it could probably look cool.
Not sure if I would buy it but the chrome one would look very cool with chrome pickguard and lipsticks  :icon_thumright:
Love these, probably wouldn't buy one but they do look awesome. WAY better than the fishing lures you've been showing us!  :kewlpics:
Is the idea that those 'in the know' can request these one-off finishes, given that they've been done and are for sale, or is it depending on demand, maybe you'll offer it in the future?
Either way it's great to see new stuff.
Nice. In my opinion they need a sort of "metal industrial floor" pickguard... The exact term escapes me now...