Cracks in my new body. A problem or not?


I was very happy today when my new Custom T Thinline arrived. It looks great and even better then my expectations!
Picture on cracks in next post


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First picture on crack. Warmoth have glued and plugged in some wood in holes on the body, and the cracks are because off that.


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Here you can see the glue through the F-hole.
Should a see this as a problem against Warmoth or can I just leave it and feel happy? :blob7:
Can take new pictures if you want see some more off the cracks.

Regards Mingus


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I don't know; I'd be real torn if it was my body. Don't think there's any question of tone or structural integrity involved, mostly cosmetics.

Big question is, how were you planning on finishing it? The top looks great. First you definitely want to use black grain filler, would help mask some of that; were you planning on staining or using toners on the finish? If that's the case when done you probably wouldn't notice....
I was thinking about black Colortone Waterbased grainfiller, maybe some clear at the end. And then just pure tung-oil. All by your kind help and tips.
If it just cosmetic, I can live with it. But if it´s going to affect the tone, I can not live with it.
I going to take some clearer picture later on, when the children are sleeping.
Hi Mingus,

Black Korina is like that. On solid bodies we fill worm holes, benign cracks, long open pore lines and such for cosmetic reasons. In hollow construction like yours, we also use some very strong glue in those areas because of structural integrity. Then those areas get inspected because we don't want to cause warranty problems down the road.

You can expect to see a certain degree of things like this in Black Korina bodies, especially hollows.

Cool looking body.  :icon_thumright:

(The patch you see will have 0 affect on the tone)
The famous "toneworm" holes from this page I posted in another thread:

Another tip; if the black grain filler doesn't cover those fills, which I think it probably will, you can apply a darkish stain matched out to the brown in that graining that's plugged to even it up.  You can do the same thing through the f-hole, or just shoot the inside of the f-hole with some darker toner if that place is still noticible through the f-hole.

Ok, thanx Gregg and Jackthehack. Just to be clear, my english is not the best. Here´s another pictures off the cracks, and for me it looks like the cracks is because off the plugging. The longest crack is 50mm with the plug in the middle. But it´s maybe still like Gregg said, and if so I´m happy with that.

Regards Mingus


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Another thing:
There was a little bump or jack in the body, probably caused by the fretwire lying on top of the body in the package. Kind of stupid packing I think :icon_scratch:
What should I do with that, some clear filler on that spot before I fill the hole body with black filler?
Bloody hell, never held Black Korina and am very surprised how deep the grain is! Jesus!

I'd imagine a minimum of 3 fills will sort the crack problem (crack problem- snigger). As for the glue, can you not get your finger in there? I can on my thinline. Some napatha or whatever you American people call White spirit on a rag should remove it with a fair bit of rubbing.

Wonderful tele body, regardless of the cracks and I seriously doubt such a thing would affect tone.  
Next thing.
And next picture is an drilled neck hole, not through, even that a asked them not to drill anything. My neck got some custom holes and what should I do if they don´t match that hole?
The plate maybe cover it, but what if I need to have the hole just some millimeters on another spot?

A lot of questions, and it maybe look´s like I´m unhappy with this problems. I´m not. I´m sure it going to fix and I´m very pleased with the body. I think it looks awesome and done by real pros. And I´m also glad for your kindness and help. Thanks!

Regards Mingus


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You'll be sanding that little dent out in the course of filling the grain.

Parts of the grain in Black Korina are pretty deep; and with the wood being somewhat waxy, filler does not adhere as well as with some other wood types. It will will generally take more than 3 fills to get a perfect smooth finish in my experience
I'll agree with Gregg.  Color patches and wormholes are common in black korina.

As Jack indicated, you'll likely be sanding the dent out.  You can also try steaming it if you're comfortable doing that.

As far as the hole on the back of the neck pocket, that is an index hole from the CNC machine.  That is unavoidable and looks to have been filled.  You can still drill your own mounting holes.

G'day Mingus. I too had a little worm hole in my Korinakaster body. Do what Jack said regarding grainfill and you will be fine. Cheers  Willy


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