Comics nerd alert! New League of Extraordinary Gentlemen


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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Century: 1910 just came out!!!! 


I'm so excited for this series.  I read it and I was kind of confused because I haven't read The Black Dossier (cause I heard it sucked), but I have a feeling the Janni storyline might pay off and be really cool later.  I don't get as many of the literary references in this one as the older ones.  I recognize the Three Penny Opera stuff, but the new league members are not ringing any bells at this point.  I guess I should spend some time on Wikipedia. 

I just thought I'd share in case there are other fans who didn't know it came out, since a lot of people including myself were not aware of when it was going to be released.  I found out the day it came out because I work at a comic book store, but I never heard anything about it ahead of time.  That's the problem with indie publishers, they just don't advertise as well as the big guys. 
Oh fantastic... didn't know they still made this!! I use to love it! Hilarious!

Welcome to Royston Vasey :)
ok, I should clearly read posts more carefully before responding going forward  :tard: :sad1: