ceriatone vs

The Ceriatone boys make a good product.  It's main strength however is not the quality, but the fact that it's easy to tweak it.

If you are looking for that classic marshall tone, I have no doubt that the Ceriatone can do it.  However: it will require some tweaking on your end to get it dialed, BUT you can do that much easier with that amp than any modern marshall. 

Don't forget that much of the tone is the speakers - get those right and you're most of the way there no matter what amp you are running.

Finally, as other folks have pointed out, the real tone is in your fingers :)


We're not trying to get on your back here, but we're pretty much all saying the same thing.....
Either you gonna have to go out and try some stuff at your nearest decent supplier, or take a punt based on what you see / hear / read about on net. 

Just because you want the 'Marshall sound' does'nt mean you should discount other manufacturers.  Peavey are knocking our some good products at the moment. You could try one of the more vintage voiced Mesa's, you don't HAVE to go for a Triple RectumFryer,  you could try a Stiletto or Lone Star.  Laney do some good vintage voiced gear.
There are any number of Custom manufacturers who can build it how you like it.  Like Jack said, have you thought about getting a fender amp and sticking a 'plexi-voiced' drive pedal in front of it?

Go and have a look at some of the bits and peices over on www.18watt.com    That's where I first heard about Ceriatone.
Those guys pretty much exclusively build Marshall-18W-a-likes, and their derivatives, but you might find some useful info about other types of amps and supplier/manufacturers.

If you want to do the whole build it for yourself thing, like i did, then Ceriatone are just about as good as it gets, but you could look at MojoTone who sell kits out of the US.  They might be a bit easier to track down someone who can let you try.  Like GoDrex said, these places will often build it for you for an upcharge.....

But, I think the point is, you'll have to go and do the work, and investigate for yourself.
There are only so many opinions you can take (or not), YouTube videos to watch, guitar builders you can speak to etc, before you have a to make decision and go for something.  I think someone here once said that 'the search for tone is endless'.  You could end up getting an original 60's/70's Marshall and hating it.  All I know is that I read some reviews about Ceriatone, took a punt on the 50Watter and loved the outcome.  But then, it's my ears, my pedals, my room, my fingers etc.  Your mileage may vary.

In the words of Led Zep......Ramble On.....and I have done....
i'm off