CBS Blackout Strat Update #1


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I've got two guitar builds going right now, one involving a neck and body from Warmoth that's a little bit more high end,
And this this one which was intended to be a bunch of mods on top of a Squire Bullet Strat, after realizing that the body is too thin instead of not using a neck I already order plus parts I decided to get a body, neck plate, and jack cup and just make a second... Kind of like gathering kittens in need right?

I'm going for a full Blackout Strat with a vintage maple neck to act as contrast, to mimic an old Charvel I saw in a Musicians Friend catalog once but with some twists on it...

While I'm waiting on the Neck from Warmoth.
(CBS Replacement, Maple on Maple, 22 SS frets, Full Scallops, 10-16R, Graph Tech TUSQ Black Nut, Vintage Gloss Tint with Black Hipshot Closed Locking Tuners)

This week I got the rest of the parts for the body and some free time so I present to you: Half of Half of my Projects...


Body Specs:

Body: Poplar (Squire Classic Vibe 70's HSH Rout Body)

Bridge: Wilkinson 5+1 Black Vintage Style Trem with Steel Block
Saddles: Graph Tech String Saver Saddles
Springs: Floyd Rose Noiseless Springs

Electronics: 6 Way Push/Pull Split HH from Obsidian Wire
Neck: Seymour Duncan Cool Rails for Strat (Top Coil Active on Split)
Bridge: Seymour Duncan Black Winter (Bottom Coil Active on Split)
Pickguard: Warmoth 1 Ply Black with Neck Single, No mid, Uncovered Humbucker Bridge, Blade, 1 Vol, 2 Tones, Vintage Bridge Cut
Knobs: Tesi Strat Knob Set 'None More Black'

Straplocks: Hennessy Strap Locks Black

And after four hours, and three rewirings to get the right coil splits we have half a guitar, woot!
I opted for no trem cover, but still put the screws in to fill the holes. Also the original strap buttons to the body had their screws drilled to the width of the screw teeth, not the shaft meaning there was nothing to bite in to. Luckily I live in the sticks which has plenty of, well, sticks... So cut a couple to size that were good size and used them to fill the holes like dowels. They are a pretty stable connection for now.



I'll be back with the finished product when the neck arrives.