Can anyone confirm if Arizona Turquoise Stone dots go w/ Seafoam Green?

Christian Jones

Junior Member
I was all fine and set to just get my usual abalone dots, but then I saw rick2's guitar.. (reply #6)

.. with the Arizona turquoise dots and I'm trying to determine how well the turquoise would match with seafoam green strat body. Actually, I know rick2 calls that finish an ocean turquoise but in the picture it looks very close to seafoam green and probably gives a decent representation of how the turquoise would look with it..
But does anyone have a legit seafoam green guitar that has the Arizona turquoise dots you can show me? Actually I'd love to see any guitar color that has the turquoise dots to give me some ideas. Just another thing to obsess over and I'm not mad about that.
Yeah the dots are definitely that turquoise blue but they seem to work on Rick2's guitar. You can see on his the different shades but they seem to complement each other. Definitely sticking w/ Seafoam though.
Abalone dots would look great with Seafoam green, in my opinion. They’re a nice iridescent green color that should match well with it.