Mooncaster: Walnut with Quilted Maple top in Green


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Here are the pictures of my finished Mooncaster build for the gallery! Imgur album - 'Jonelda' Mooncaster

I posted my thoughts in the 'Just-out-of-the-box' thread, but the short version is that this is the best looking and sounding guitar I have ever played! I am absolutely blown away by the quality of every aspect of the construction. It's just what I wanted when I started this venture in January, and what I had been dreaming about for 15 years haha!  :cool01:



Mooncaster shape - semi-hollow
Walnut core with selected Quilted Maple in Green Dye (It's a true Emerald Green)
Turtle Binding
2 f-holes
2x volume 1x tone + 3-way switch


Warmoth design - modern tiltback construction
Walnut shaft - rosewood fretboard
Turtle binding
Stainless steel 6150 frets
Turquoise stone dot inlays
Mother-of-Pearl side dots
'59 Roundback Profile
1 11/16" Neck width
10 - 16 compound radius
Clear Gloss

Hardware: (All Nickel)

Hipshot TOM bridge and stop-bar (it's magnetic!)
Hipshot locking tuners (super light weight, easily half of what the non-locking gotohs weigh.)
Fralin Pure PAF humbuckers in their lowest output model.
The peace dove truss rod cover is from ThaliaCapos - they have some cool stuff!
Neck plate was designed in photoshop and printed from Laz-r-art on Amazon.

Final assembly was done by a Luthier named Josh at Audiomanic guitar repair in Olympia, Washington. He did an outstanding job and was well worth the (frankly cheap) price to have the assembly completed by a pro. I definitely recommend him to anyone in the Western Washington region.

I would say Warmoth outdid themselves this time, but all of their work is this well done, so I guess just keep up the good work! I appreciate being able to build my own dream guitar for a very reasonable price.

Let me know if you have any questions about it, and I look forward to hearing what you all think! Thank you!  :yourock:
where did the pictures go ?  edited ... i found the link,... i did not realize it was walnut.