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My '82 Guitar Trader '59 Flametop was showing a bad case of "bridge lean", so I dropped the cash or their Tune-O-Matic repair kit. Plays like a new guitar again. I love Stew-Mac's tools, but I still think their electronic hardware is horribly substandard.
My '82 Guitar Trader '59 Flametop


You have one of those?  Did you get one with real PAF's?  Let's see some pictures. I know it's not a Warmoth but it is a part of Les Paul lore, you might as well show us some love and tell us a story about how you got it.
Uh, no. I have TWO of them, Ruby and Lester. #'s 19 and 23. I bought #23 new from Guitar Trader, has double black PAF's. I got #19 off of Ebay about 5 years ago, has double zebra PAF's. The seller listed it under "other guitar" and never mentioned the words Gibson or Les Paul. I was the only bidder, and I got it for about half what they sell for. I really need to take some pics of the harem one of these days.

(FYI, Lester is not named after Les Paul, the guitar was delivered the day that music critic Lester Bangs died, and was named in his honor and memory)