Build, Re-Build, the Buckskin Telecaster reborn.


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So, as I had my Baritone neck up for sale and sold recently, I replaced it with another Warmoth neck, a Gibson scale conversion Tele in Roasted Mable, with the same 6100 Fretwire that I had on the Baritone, and with a Tusq xl nut. She arrived this afternoon after a quick hot dogging of the fret ends, polishing up the fret ends, she is re strung with 10’s, and fully set up, adjusted, intonated, etc.

This roasted maple is no joke, this neck hums in the hand, feels like a Sustainiac is installed and on all the time, it’s so resonate.
Action is right at 1mm at the 12th fret, and consistent up and down the neck.

Before in the Baritone era of 14 years, and then now.

I’ll be able to play this guitar more frequently now and not just for recording. It’ll still retain the name of “Kenny” in homage to Ken Warmoth Who got me started on this build many years ago.


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I grew up on Gibson scale guitars, seems very homely and natural to me , never played a baritone
I have a neck like that from another Ken (Hoover). Its a skunk stripe and i dread the day anything happens to it. Its just magic. It's like holding an orbital sander