Build Pic + question



Here's a link to my just completed build:

I don't seem to able to adjust the truss rod any more & the relief is still above .38mm  (0.015")  :dontknow:

I'm afraid of stripping the truss rod nut and/or doing damage.

Any experience with this problem?


Sorry I can't help you with the truss rod issue, but damn that's a cool guitar. :eek:
Call the company, don't force it whatever you do. They'd rather walk you through any problems than have you return a neck.

Who made that amazing body for you? Please tell. Gorgeous.
Thanks..I'll talk to's the weekend here...

I made the body.

I got photos from the Taylor site and from Imagine guitars I think (they always seem to have really good photos of their stuff) magnified them until the lower bout was 13" IIRC.

The body is Queenslabd maple (similar to mahogany, and the top is Blackwood (similar properties to koa) beautiful Warmoth birdseye neck.

Then it was fire up the router & take care  LOL!!.

First, BEAUTIFUL BUILD; that body you built is nothing short of amazing!  :eek:ccasion14:

You don't give any details as to in what direction you're having the adjustment problem, a LOT of details would help? More than likely you have a very slight issue with the neck pocket angle. Warmoth parts are built to very exacting specifications, for example the angle of the neck pocket is machined by Warmoth just a small amount for a TOM bridge rather than a tremolo bridge in a Strat body. I have used Musikraft necks in a couple of builds to get a back contour shape not available from Warmoth on a Warmoth body before and run into a similar problem. In both cases using another manufacturer's neck the neck pocket angle had to be altered a small amount to get everything to align properly to set up. I couldn't tell you exactly how much as I didn't measure the degree of angle before/after, rather just kept sanding in the right direction until it fit; maybe a degree or two.

That would be the first thing I would check out in your case, but post again with more details and a light may go off in somebody's head here in another direction....