Bubinga Neck / Tung Oil thoughts and help


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So, as my build is coming to a close, I'm doing the final little things with my new Warmoth.  The tech who did the build on my guitar recommended that I finish the neck with Tung Oil to seal it up (and to keep it from pulling the oils from my hand).

So, I went to the local Lowe's and bought some low gloss tung oil (I'm really diggin the natural look on my neck) and applied a coat and let it dry overnight.  All looks really nice, except I'm detecting a bit of tacky-ness in a few spot places.

Here's my question - should I get some #0000 steel wool and lightly rub down the neck finish?  Possibly go with a second coat and repeat process?

I'm loving the dark wood finish I have with the Tung Oil, but if I can get the stickness to go away, that would really make my worrys disapear.

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Eric "GuitarEC"
keep in mind the tung oil you got at Lowes is not tung oil, but varnish....

so yes steel wool it off

then if you desire another coat - make that coat as thin as humanly possible
With it being a varnish, will it mess up my neck at all, or is it just a matter of getting the 'tacky' feel rubbed off of it with steel wool?

Do I just give it a light rubbing, or will it require some real muscle to get it corrected?

Many thanks for the reply,

Eric "GuitarEC"
How much elbow grease depends on how hard and how thick the finish is. 

Don't be afraid to rub at it.  The wood needs no finish (according to W).  Anything you put on, is in the pores now, and... will remain there unless you do some heavy sanding.
Okay - thanks for the words of advice.  I knew that it wouldn't take much, but I applied heavily and then rubbed off as much of the excess as I could.  The result is just some light tackiness - I'm guessing that it won't take more that 15 minutes to rub it down with the steel wool and wipe it off afterwards.

Now, after I use the steel wool, can I use a lightly dampened cloth to wipe off the residue / bits of steel?
Yup! or just use a scrubber pad "steel wool substitute" and have even less mess.