Bridge bushings pulling out


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I noticed on my Velocity that after a few years and a bunch of hot outside performances in Florida, that a bushing on one of my Wilkinson bridge posts (installed by Warmoth) is pulling out slowly. I noticed the guitar wasn't staying in tune at the gig, and after an inspection at home, I see it pulling out. Thing is, I would have pulled it out more, used paper and wood glue around it, and rubber mallet-ed the bushing back in, but it isn't coming out. I even tried the trick of putting a smaller screw inside the bushing (to the bottom of the hole) and using the bridge post to 'pull' itself out when tightening with an allen wrench, but it didn't want to move. I haven't tried just hammering it back in and seeing if that holds, as I was hoping to just fix it properly. Should I just try to hammer it back in or try harder to get it out?
I’d pull it, coat the hole walls with epoxy, then put in again. You can build a bushing puller for under $6 at your hard store.
I would pull the bushing, applying thin coat of CA to the sides of the hole, let it dry, then return the bushing.

The CA will strengthen the grain at the sides of the hole, and shrink it a little (as TBurst Std mentioned).

I wouldn't glue the bushing in the hole, I would worry about wood or finish coming off the next time someone has to pull that pushing.
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Timely that I should run into this thread as I was doing a string change on a guitar with a gotoh 2 pt and somehow in the course of it both bushings came up halfway. I didn't even notice at first until I saw that my string action was insane lol. Gonna go the CA wicking route.