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While there is a good amount of info on this forum about finishing....I'm thinking about getting a book(s) to further educate me on the topic.

Can anyone recommend a good book or two??

I'm thinking about getting Guitar Finishing Step-By-Step from Stewart MacDonald
They also offer Complete Illustrated Guide to Finishing

Both seem like good books...

I have the Step-ByStep book and it is great, I have refered to it many times. I would also suggest getting the video that goes with the book and the video on sunburst finishing.  There is a lot of good info in them.
While I have yet to actually finish a guitar myself,  I have read Dan Erlewine's book, the one at Stew-Mac, and found it to be almost all I could ever want to know.  Reading it again right now to build my confidence....Sooooooon.....
Those StewMac books and tapes remind me of...

.. oh whatcha call it when you have to fork over cash to have someone give you a nice sales pitch? 

I remember

Well, I ordered the StewMac book....hopefully there's some good info amongst the sales pitches! ;)

I have a piece as swamp ash on the way to practice on....
I've never finished any piece of wood before!!! Well...a birdhouse in shop class MANNNNY years ago, but....i'm up for the challenge!

You don't say what state you're in (geographical, not mental) but your public library might have an inter-library loan program that'll let you read just about any wood-finishing AND guitar-making book ever written for free. Besides Stew-Mac, Luthier's Mercantile International is a great source of info, dyes, shellacs etc. The first book anybody should get is probably Dan Erlewine's "Guitar Player Repair Guide" which has some coverage of every aspect of guitars including finishing, then from that book's bibliography you can start looking around.
I'm in NY....just out of NYC. I'm sure the libraries around here have many great books on finishing.
I will check them out...but i'd like to own a book or two to always have around as reference as I feel I'll be doing these projects again and again!

I bought a dan erlewine guitar finnish book at the local woodcrafters,  It was plastic wrapped when I bought it, and now I know why.

No pictures, no diagrams no squat, all text. maybe good info, but it's a boring ass read.

Is this the book you got:,_plans/Building_and_repair:_Finishing/Guitar_Finishing_Step-By-Step.html

This is the guy who used to be the luthier at Guitar Trader in Red Bank NJ back in the eighties...

Hmmm, just noticed where he lives these days.

In all honesty, their FRETWORK book is pretty good.  It doesn't deal with some things, but deals with a bit of variation, and .. all in all, helpful.