Blue Flame Tele


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Well its done, and this is the best I could do without getting out an umbrella and monolight.


I hate the way those blue knobs photograph.  They just "glow".  Ya gotta trust me folks, they are not that bright!  A nice "robins egg" that does the top justice.

<edit: knobs photoshop'd down to a very close resemblance of their actual look>

WOW!  Awesome!  Love the finish and the set up.  Is that a standard shape pickguard for a Tele, or did you do a "one-off"?
Shape is standard.  Warmoth cut it with only the screw holes and p90 hole.  The control layout was my own fault... er.. I mean.. "design".  :laughing7:
I bet the pics just don't do it justice at all. the pics look good, But I bet in person, it just screams "Do Me"
I can´t get over how cool it looks and how much I want to hear how it sounds in real life.
The colour scheme is really nice, it´s just perfect together.
Cool guitar, what finishing process did you do on the mahogany back CB? Isit just water stained and filled?
This guitar should match well with Angelina Jolie or Amy Winehouse!  :icon_biggrin:
fudging sexy guitar!
Looking at a many of the "blue dye" tops on the showcase... it seems they all take a greenish tinge.  Maybe somebody can explain it better than my "guesswork" of amber-ish woods, and the dyes separating in the wood.
Not that it matters because that thing looks fantastic, but... color theory is a bitch, due mostly to the perceptions of our human eyes.  Transluscent finishes are always perceived by those eyes as having a component of each layer that the light passes through.  The "amber" chroma of the wood way down there is giving your eyes some very strong yellow information. Since we all know that yellow and blue make green, and according to color theory, this strong information is giving your eye that greenish hue.  I have a feeling though that over time, even under all that finish, the yellow in the wood will mellow, in essence making that bad a@3 guitar get more blue with age, just like the rest of us!
Based on having worked as an available photographer and the differentiation between what I see on the website and what it looks like when it arrives (invariably BETTER) it's probably the lighting/digital camera gear they use to take the pictures....
Hey Guitlouie,  Good post, I have only one thing to add, and it's not a biggie.  the color chart thing, basically red, yellow. blue   (magenta cyan yellow)

It's not a theory. it really works
Well this part I know - they look a lot bluer when you first dye them, and over time - just weeks - they take on a subtle green shade.

So, color theory being what it is (addtive, subtractive etc)... you'd think it would be greenish to begin with, and not slowly turn that way.

The LP  BFG was not too far off from blue jeans blue, and now its quite the aqua looking guitar.  Same with the BFT, much greener after these weeks.

I notice the rags, the paper towels, where blue dye has touched.... you get a blue, a brownish (dark amber?) and green "band" of color... the dye lets loose into three colors.
see...that is why it is color theory.  Nothing in this world of ours is true color, except light.  There are so many variables in this story.  The dye is a pigment mixed with a vehicle for the specific purpose of finishing wood.  The pigment is itself a mixture of different things, as is the vehicle.  The fact that the exact opposite of what we think should be happening, is happening shows how all these little things can really gang up on us and throw us for a loop.  But, without speaking for CB here, I think maybe he thinks it's all part of the fun!  Oh yeah, I think you may be on to something with the capillary action...
Hehehe definatly staying out of this one!          nice work CB!
and (unless CB decides to keep it for himself) it's all mine, ALL MINE!    :headbang:
(as soon as CB comes for a visit to deliver!)
yah color theory....

What I had to "relearn" about color in the darkroom.  First subtractive, then additive... then finding the sky wasn't blue at all but cyan... then finding all the rest... omg... rude akening for a youngster.  I decided to stick with black and white.
Delivered Today!

WOW! All I gotta say is WOW!
The pixs just don't do it justice!
And the neck is a bat made of pure buttah!
Neck and back look great too!~
Diamonds inlays look sweet!
Blue knobs look great in person!

Can't wait to plug it in!
I'm at work - more impressions later!