Bleaching Alder with 2 part wood bleach


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Here is a 3.11 oz single piece alder body that is being finished in a 1960 vintage style 3 tone sunburst.  In order to reproduce the finish accurately the wood has to be bleached.  This is the body reprofiled and with the dowel pins added.


Here is the bleach I use.  Part A starts the process and part B neutralizes  the wood so it can be stained.  Notice I mark eveything to keep it seperated since you do not want to mix the 2 parts.  Make sure to follow the directions and use rubber gloves.  This stuff will burn your skin and turn it as white as snow.


Here it is with part A.  The wood gets really dark at this point but it is ok.


Here it is still wet with the B component.  Notice how much lighter it is and it is still wet. I will let it hang overnight and add pictures of it right before I stain it and contine with pictures throught the bursting process.  

Peace to you all!


Here it is after the bleach has done it's work.  I have lightly sanded it to clean it up and the stain is next.


Here is the yellow stain.  The first time I did this I freaked out because the yellow seemed so bright.  It will look great after the burst is shot.


Here it is with the black edge.  The red will get shot tomorrow,


And the red.  Now all it need is 4 coats of clear and a polish and she will be ready to be put together.


Well Ok , The post I was looking at before this one was swamp ash, I get confused easy. :sad1:

Here is a picture a real clean early 60's strat that I am using as a reference for color match.  Notice how much the color changed on mine between the yellow stain picture and the one with the black added.  The red should bring it in real close to this guitar.  I got my fingers crossed.!!

Here it is with some clear shot to melt it all together.  Next will be a level sand, four final coats of clear, two weeks until a wet sand and final rub out.  Looks pretty close to the original.

It does look really close to the original, but man I think it just looks ugly. Sorry man, but you did do a good job so far. It is just weird not having a little of the grain showing with that for some reason.
Not ugly, just the way it is...  and "it is" just fine with me, although that "60's Strat" looks a bit...late 60's to me, but thats ok!
Who's the mfgr. of that wood bleach you use?
I used to get this stuff from Bortz Oil who sold us our thinners but we stopped using them.  I am not even sure if they are in business any more.  I have access to another supplier so let me get the info tomorrow and I’ll post it for you.

what type of yellow dye did you use?
I make the stain out of Dunn-Edwards Paints Hansa Yellow pigmented color in oil mixed with 3 parts lacquer thinner, 1 part lacquer retarder and a cap of butyl.
Good news bad news on the bleach.  The bad news is it is no longer VOC compliant so no one is manufacturing it.  The last know source of manufacture was Jasco so you might want to check the internet and see if you can find a dealer in you area and see if they still have some laying around.  I did do a search of my company and found the only store to have some is our Santa Fe New Mexico store.  They have 35 one-gallon kits that include a gallon of A component and a gallon of B component.  One kit would last a long time!!  They can ship it to you but you would need to call them for a price with the cost of shopping.  It is Dunn-Edwards Paints @ 800-325-1696. Good Luck.
I've found some references on the web to using dilute bleach for part A/hydrogen peroxide for part B, that essentially the same thing?