Black Korina/Wenge VIP


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Finally.... All finished up and submitted for you viewing pleasure....

Neck is a Warmoth 10/16 radius with graphite nut, jet black ebony fret board on wenge neck, 61GD gold fret wire, custom diamond inlays and Planet Waves aut0-trim tuners. Didn't put the stock truss rod cover on as I'm going to order something custom.

Body is hollow chambered Black Korina with a Warmoth Transparent Amber finish and natural edge binding, gold and black hardware, Wilkinson bridge, Gibson gold speed knobs

Electronics are a Rio Grande gold TX BBQ set, wired stock with 3-way switch, 500K CTS pots and an orange drop .047 capacitor.

Now to get back to finishing on the Thinline Special build.... Sound clips to follow, new flooring in and should get the studio up and running later this week, the thang is bad ass & nationwide....



Neck was perfect out the box; managed to get the Wilkinson adjusted w/o having to take to my setup guy, this TX BBQ set kicks ass, overall effect with Rio Grandes and this body/neck setup is like a PRS, but hotter and a little brighter than a CE22.
Another great one Jack!  Neck looks great with that body, despite your earlier misgivings. 
Hey Jack, sorry I freaked you out with my wenge pictures earlier! :)
But I am happy you're pleased with it anyway!
The final result is brilliant!
The wood looks really nice.  The build is wonderful.  One thing irks me.

The great recessed control plate, and the non-recessed trem plate.

Seems like they should do a recessed trem cover, and make it real slick'm.
Never seen a recessed one except on a PRS, wonder if they patented that?

I guess you could try to route a recess....and you'll have a template made soon?
I know this is a tone monster, hows that Wenge sound ?  glad to hear ya got some Rio Grande's, theyre some Killer pickups.....I think Greg is right though, if they Changed their name and marketing I believe they would sell a heck of alot more of em.....but Im a big fan of Texas, spent alot of winters down there, so I get it .....Killer VIP jack, a nice addition to your strat collection huh?
Hard to tell the difference the wenge makes tone-wise, sure FEELS good; tonal evaluation is skewed by first Rio Grande PU trial, after installing this set and the P90s on the Thinline I may not be using much of anything else; may get some SCs and re-outit a Strat to check out; this IS a tone monster...

Beautiful Guitar.  That Black Korina is really amazing looking.  Great choice of hardware.  Classy/Vintage look.  Makes me want to sip on some whisky, have a smoke and play the blues while watching a hot Vegas stripper on a pole! :guitaristgif:

Later, Shane
Shane, less than 20 posts, and you are acting like the rest of us.

Have you checked the forum showcase and looked at everyones stuff (guitars)? 
Theres a few beautifull  Black korinas in there that will make you drool, everyones guitars look good, but theres something about those Korinas
Alfang.....Yep,  I'm pretty comfortable in this forum.  Everyone's great.  I'm a real guitarhead.  It's great to socialize w/ like minded people.  I'm looking to outfit myself w/ new gear over the next several months.  My Amplifier blew out during a lightning storm and I'm sick to death of my strats.  I've been beating myself up for months regarding what to buy.  I'm so damn particular about everything, so Warmoth was the perfect solution to my guitar situation.  I'll have my VIP ready by December 1 and a new Amp by Jan 1.  I wanna start gigging around town already.  A appreciate your input man.  You've got quite a grip on those electronics!  Meanwhile, I'm gonna go find the showcase and check out everyone's axe. 

Later Man,
That's super nice Jack!

So it's been a month or two since the post... How has it been? Any changes? I am seriously considering a VIP as my next buid based on this one and m4rk0's. These are such classy builds.

I would like a solid body with a couple of buckers, maybe just one in the neck. I am also into the raw wood necks. How has the wenge been? Don't know if you've had a chance to sample a ziricote neck but it would seem that they are similar in feel.

How has the hollow aspect of it worked out?


There's nothing to change on it, other than get a custom truss rod cover made, haven't got around to it. Love the neck; TX BBQ set is awesome in the hollow korina....