Black & Gold Tele Deluxe


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Finally got this one done.... With that Fender LSK nut and string through bridge it's a twanging machine!!!

Body - Used Warmoth Tele Deluxe & pickguard from eBay, Black factory poly finish, all gold hardware, those gold knobs are topped with black MOP

Neck - Import neck I never could figure out what to do with, 25.5 scale/22frets/rock maple with some light flaming on fretboard, 9.5 radius, Fender LSR nut (painted black to match), Gotoh S38 tuners

Electronics: Gold plated GFS repros of original Seth Lover design, used a vintage Les Paul wiring setup with CTS 500K vol pots/250K tone pots and .022 caps.

Notes: The GFS repro pickups sound pretty good, but order TWO bridge PUs if you want to use them, as the Fender '72 originals pulled about the same as the bridge model (my two are 10.83/10.85K), and the GFS neck pickup is underwound for the application, 8.0K. As to wiring, the original '72 Deluxes sounded muddy as shit because they used all 1meg pots, and the reissues sound strange as they use all 250K pots; using a vintage LP setup seems to be "just right".....

OOPS - Pix too big, will fix later....


resized the pix; don't know what's going on with what looks like "dust", POS digital camera....
WOW!!  really sharp, definantly classy compared to most black strat/teles ........excellent combo of gold,black and MOP...and I love the vintage tint of the neck....
I'm not usually a fan of black guitars but that is outstanding, great combination of colours, hardware, it
You've just brought me inspiration for another tele.

Any chances you could PM me with all the stuff you've got on there? That thing is.... Godlike.. So beautiful.
Oh yeh.... hahaha i was so captivated by the pics, i totally ran past the items...

I'm wanting to do something similiar, but with black korina body. Ooooo baby.
Cool looking for sure! I've always had a thing for Deluxes and that color combo is awesome.
Jack, you've got more brand-new guitars than I've owned in all my life!  That tele is gorgeous, and you "SG/Tele" is gorgeous, and I'm sure your in-progress Gold Top is gonna be gorgeous.  I'm sure the two bodies you got off of ebay last week will be gorgeous too.  How do you do it?
Invest the money I was putting in my 401K in guitars and quit paying attention to the market; about to run out of room and will have to start selling some.
Great, uh, investment strategy!  Market sucks anyhow. Let us know when you put them up on Ebay, if you do that.
wow, the illigitimate spawn of a tele and a les paul black beauty, awesome!
on a side note, perhaps you could patent your unique investment strategy--you could sell informational dvds explaining how its done :toothy12: