Best Warmoth neck for a Variax 600


Hi --

I own a Variax 600 guitar which is made to look like a strat with a 6-in line headstock. I would like to get a Warmoth neck for it that also has the 6-in line config. However, the Warmoth "Variax" replacement neck on the Web site must be for the 700 because it is a 3x3 type. Can I use a standard strat from Warmoth for this purpose? Thanks.  :dontknow:
Go to the 'Will it Fit my Guitar?' FAQ under the guitar neck FAQs on the Warmoth website.  Compare the neck heel and neck pocket specs on your 600 against what you see there.  The 300 and 500 series necks were originally made to Fender specs.  No idea on the 600.  If it matches Fender specs, you can use any strat heeled neck.