Anybody seen this new whammy bridge?


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This looks really impressive - I know a few people who've ordered them, and if the build quality is up there it's going to take over the world. The idea of moving the fulcrum back inside the bridge is not new, Ibanez is doing it too - I wonder who has the patents?
Im pretty impressed by the whole thing... but i had a question. Does it flutter?
Sounds great!

Anybody knows which routing by Warmoth is the best base for installation?
I just told you, just get a recessed Wilkinson  :icon_tongue:

Seriously, I would love to try this one out sometimes!
Seems like a good idea.  I'd like to try one, too, but I generally don't use tremolo when I play.  If this thing stays in tune well enough maybe I'll start :)
I got one.  Not really sure what else is available "out there" that does what I wanted.  I too don't use a trem that much but the problem I had was the floating bridge would go out of tune when I tried alternate tunings.  I don't have that problem now.

Hi-quality 6-hole all the way for me, stamped saddles (not that cast crap), and no zinc block for killer crangy Strat tone.
From what i've read, it has received great critic reviews.  I'm just wondering if anybody has personally tried one.  If so, what did you think of it?  I'm seriously considering buying one for my next guitar (which will hopefully be soon).  Does anybody know of any dealers that sell it?  (other than ordering directly from their corporate website).
What I don't like from what I see is you will feel the transition point when you'll try to do a vibrato with this thing - one block will touch the other one. And I undestand that floating range should be much less than on standard or floyd tremolo, cause the saddles don't actually move. Also you'll need to reroute your guitar. I guess all those factors will stop me personally of trying this one out.
Wow!  One of the main beefs with palm muting a floating tremmed guitar is that it raises pitch with too much pressure.  This essentially is a fixed saddle, and would eliminate that.