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This time a Cusack Project 34 Selenium Rectifier Pre/Drive. The introductory run sold out in the first day or two, so I pre-ordered one from the next batch. I've had time to play with it, and it's a terrific overdrive/preamp pedal.

In the 1930s, before germanium or silicon, selenium rectifiers were used in electronic devices, and for time in the 1950s were used in early Fender amps. Today they are only used in some industrial and military applications. Jon Cusack had some of them from his amp tech days and made a very limited run of fuzz pedals with thethem and they sold out almost immediately. After a long search he found a reliable source for new ones, and used them in inventing the Project 34 (34 is the atomic number of selenium).

It has a totally unique voice, warm and cutting, and the controls are very interactive but intuitive. It bumped a Barber Direct Drive off one of my boards - it's that good. HERE is a link to a short YouTube demo, and here it is on my board:
new pedals on board 4-30-24.jpg
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