Any OTHER pictures of a 7-string?


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I mean besides the single one that's in the official Warmoth gallery, here: from

The reason I ask is I'm hot to trot on building a seven string and I was/am planning on using EMG pickups, but it looks like that top pickup route would get very close to the edge of the body - the EMGs are 3.5" long X 1.5" wide, square corners out to the ends of the screw holes. Does anybody have pictures of another two-humbucking 7-string I could ponder?
I think there's a seven string in the VIP section og the gallery.
it has  EMG's. that should answer your question.
Gregg will hunt them down and smack them with a factory "3rd" neck if they were to try that....
The body shape on that blue one looks really close, as do the inlays resemble the baritone 7 neck, but the heel of the neck is sunk much deeper than on Warmoth's current carved-top 7-string offering:

The bottom cutaway on the blue one is at the 22nd fret or so? It could be an earlier version, an employee's, a major modification.... You can certainly sink your own posts and re-angle the neck pocket if you want, I've got to sink the posts and cut the slot to install a non-locking whammy on my flat-bodied 7. Warmoth only routes for the Floyd Rose 7-string bridge that they sell, though they did route the back spring cavity for me.
i would not recomend using emg pickups unless you are keen on using solid state processors like eventide
emgs really are nto god quality and are not good sounds they incorporate toooooo mcuh aritificial coloring in the sound
if u are concerned with true, unrestrictive tone, its all about would passive pickups, unless you also want to use something like a carvin prea mp module, wich are high quality and then you can use any passice p/u along with that module and you can get everything from a bartolini style to emg style
you can also place a single femle screw a pinclip, and epoxy it to the emg  if u wana use it that badly....then you can use a single screw from the back of the guitar

youll need to counter sink the entry hole(if or if not using a floyd it doesnt matter....)and then measure the screw exactly and oir use a slightly shorter one,ad acrew it from the back...then you can use imited space in the thickest part in the rear...insteal of using like a carved top you are limited as the winging becomes harsher into the body with the large emgs.....honeslty there are pother pickusp that will accentuate the b to c to evenlower tunings.....of the top strings

i have a carvin 7 string
and a old ibanez that came with emg 81/7

sounded horrible loud with the amps up all the had too much of a collored midrange and a flat non shimering top end, but the bottom was must be becasue its a high resistance pickup that uses a battery to bring the 25k pots to line level, a joke if u ask me
i would recomend a seymore duncan, duncan distortion...if you want one pickup, i found that i use this on my ibanez....and i dont have any volume pots, i just use one tone pot 1MEG and a .044 cap.....its wired at full volume

uf u want more of a tonal configuration u can use

dimarzio evo..bridge
and duncan jb neck

use a three way selector(lp style)

and no volume pots, just two tone pots
one for the br, one for the neck

both 1 meg pots with .044 caps
bu the pots mst me push pull pots with coil taping wired

this way when the 3 way is in the center the two pickups are wired in parallel, like a humbucker, and uses one coil of each, this allows u to get any tone from duncan,j b, to duncan dist, to dimarzio evo, to dimarzio x2n, with just the tone pots adjusted

very useful i found