Any 7 string baritone builds?


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Hey Everyone - Has anyone built a Warmoth 7 string baritone?

I've built several awesome Warmoth guitars/bass over the past couple years and play mostly 7 string guitar and 5 string bass.  I'm so happy with those, I couldn't think of any guitars that would give me something I don't have that I really want.

Then I stumbled on some baritone videos.  I play mostly "rock" but with some country and jazz mixed in (usually the same song) and I play some heavy metal (more like Opeth than the typical metal bands).  It seems that a baritone 7 string would open up some new directions for me.

It's pretty straightforward to get most of what I want at Warmoth.  I have a set of Fishman pups picked out for this guitar.

Thanks for any replies!  Doug



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A baritone 7.... I think even Satan would say "whoa, man, that's too heavy for me...."