Any experience with tone Ninja tuners


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Anyone have experience with Tone Ninja tuners? I usually buy Hipshot because I like their rail system which means I don't have to drill holes in the neck. Unfortunately, they have been raising their prices plus the Tone Ninja's claim a higher tuning ratio. But the Tone Ninja's look like they could fit on the Hipshot UMP rails. So has anyone used the Tone Ninja tuners? How do they perform? Has anyone tried to use them with the Hipshot UMP rail system? Thanks.
None directly, but a viewing of a recent installment revealed that potentially, the fine tuners are no longer operational when set to "E".
That's only one video though.  I'd view several in order to get a well rounded exposure.
The people at Sporthitech sell both and  could probably answer your question.  They seem pretty sharp and have answers to compatibility questions.
I will try to write them again. I wrote asking other questions on quality etc and got rambling answers that didn't really address my questions. I asked about the quality of the Tone Ninjas and they never included an answer in their reply which made me think they didn't have a high opinion of Tone Ninjas but didn't want to say that in a reply. But I will try writing them again. Thanks
I couldn’t find the specs on the gear ratios in the Tone Ninja site.  I’ve never used them, but another
less expensive good quality locking tuner option are JinHo tuners which sport a 19:1 ratio.

Bill, tgo
I just looked at their (Tone Ninja) site and their locking tuners will not likely fit a Hipshot UMP.

Stay Hipshot, use SportTech.
I've used the hipshot tuners with the ump plate and mated them with tone ninja buttons.  Look pretty sharp.
Rick2 thanks. I buy my Hipshot from Ebay and the Tone Ninja are about $20 cheaper and have a better turning ratio so I want to try them without having to drill holes in necks.
yo what is SHT's (short for sport hi-tech) return policy? Deez tone ninjas aren't terribly 'spensive. i say try em out and report back. ive bought from SHT and they seem to be a quality retailer.

sometimes u just gotta take a chance. if I never did, how would i know that bathroom water always tastes sweeter than kitchen water? whats the deal with that?
BroccoliRob Dude, back away from the eggnog!  😋 I have purchased from SPH before but they aren't that good in answering questions sent to them. i will try to put in and order tomorrow. Thanks
I bought a set of Tone Ninja locking tuners from SportHiTech out of curiosity.  Specs seemed really good - 19:1, staggered etc.

Disappointing overall quality though - heavy, less smooth, too much play, even after tightening screws.  They just don't seem well machined.  They are now sitting in their box somewhere, not even worth re-selling.
Hipshot tuners are much better and well worth the extra $ (which by my count is only about $20 / set).

The Tone Ninja tuners I bought have their screw holes at 45 degrees and are a little too wide to fit the hipshot UMP.
e ChronoTrigger77 thank you for that information it is very helpful. Yes hipshots are $20 more which equals about 45% more per unit which is a lot. But it's worth it if the cheaper ones just don't work as well.
thank u for your service, chronotrigger. Now get in the Epoch with Lucca and Robo and go back to the past so you don't buy them (most ppl here won't get that joke)
LOL BroccoliRob, yes - thanks for that!  ...but if I really have an Epoch waiting, please shoot me if I plan to use it just to go back and prevent that purchase...

FWIW, this thread prompted me to get out the Ninja Tuners.  Maybe not quite as bad as I said above.  This time I put them on an Ibanez (Gotoh style tuners) and thought they weren't so bad.  Maybe I have different perceptions depending on the instrument.  I didn't like them on my Warmoth Strat, but they are okay on the Ibanez.  Really what it comes down to is that the Ninja's are a bit more on the "economy" side, cool looking and good enough for non-critical users, but not the same quality level as Hipshot.

Also, I didn't think about quantity purchases.  Yes, in that case, $20/set is a big savings.  My thought was more about a typical Warmoth builder, who would likely be quality-focused and happy to pony up $20 more for superior tuners.

Happy New Year gents!
- Chrono