Amp Speaker sound change at higher volume


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It is of course apparent to everyone that the sound of a guitar amp changes at louder volumes due to both the power stage being worked harder and the speaker cones moving further than at lower volumes.
Even if the power stage of an amplifier is solid state and not as prone to change as much as tubes, the greater speaker excursion still seems to cause a change in both the frequency response and even the response time of the notes being played.
My question is this. Does using a speaker that is rated at a higher wattage going to change in perceived character less than a speaker designed for a lower wattage. Will a 100 watt speaker sound less "strained" at volume X than a 50 watt speaker.
I know that changing out a speaker will result in a change in sound all by itself, but I would like to sound relatively the same at rehearsal with the full band as I do in my apartment at relatively low volume.
Thanks for your thoughts.