A small monster by Rivera


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I believe Paul Rivera himself (designer of Fender Super Champ, Concert, Deluxe Reverb II and Princeton II and others) may have personally designed my Rivera Venus 3. It's a beautiful practice or club amp, with a duo of 6V6 power tubes running in Class A, reverb, master volume, boost switch and it's switchable between 15 watts and 7 watts. And that is a LOUD 15 watts.

This is the one with the 10" speaker and I don't have any need or desire to push more air; I don't think there is a speaker on the planet that sounds better than this one. I recently had it in the Rivera factory for a tuneup, and their lead technician said it is the best Venus 3 he's heard (they're individually point to point hand wired, etc, so each one is a little different).

I got an unbelievable deal on it. I found it in the Guitar Center used gear section. There were 3 of these, identical and all looking new, at $700 each (for $1,600 amps). I jumped on it, and it was shipped to me in Los Angeles for free. Best deal I ever made, I think. Here it is:Rivera Venus 3.jpg