All Steel Strat Hardtail Bridge



I'm planning to build strat style guitar with ilitch noise cancelling system, and it was recommended to use an all steel bridge. Most of the strat bridges I am seeing have brass plates or do not say what material. Any recommendation on a bridge with 2-1/16" spacing that will fit a Warmoth routing and is all steel?


Edit: I'm looking for hardtail
Hmm, I've never heard of an all steel strat bridge... Are you looking for a tremolo or hardtail?
Hardtail.I should have specified that

I found this:

But Im not sure it will fit a Warmoth routing. It also looks like a slightly wider than 2-1/16 string spacing, but is probably close enough playability wise. Just not sure about if it will fit right.
Callaham uses a cold rolled steel baseplate. Am. Std. Hardtail w/ 6 Narrow Vintage Styled "CG" Saddles

Perhaps you could check with Callaham if it compares dimensionally with the below bridge. If so you would need the NARROW SPACED STRAT® FLAT-MOUNT BRIDGE rout.

Edit. It probably would more closely fit the American Standard Flatmount rout...

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