4 string 24 fret bass


Warmoth provided me with an excellent 24 fret extension neck for my cheap old jazz bass before, but I would love to see them offer a true twenty four fret four string bass.  A four string version of the Gecko maybe?  It's just difficult finding an affordable American -made 24 fret four string. 
This topic came up about 2-3 times in the past.
A 4 string gecko sounds good, if they wanted to make a 24 fret neck compatible with every other body, all they have to do is make the neck longer, and move the bridge rout closer to the neck.
They could alter the neck pocket too, but i think its against there license agreement with fender.

So all they have to do is design there own neck pocket, make the neck longer, and move the bridge. They could offer that style, and the fender style, but they are probably to swamped to do any of that.