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A buddy of mine just bought all the hardware, and neck and body from Warmoth to build 2 guitars, he thought the neckbolts came with the plate.

Warmoth is gonna want $25.00 for 4 neck bolts.

I am beside myself over this, any suggestions? 

Where can I get 4 neckbolts for less than $25.00

This $25.00 minimum order bullcrap just chaps my fricken ass. especially when I have spent thousands of dollars with them.
Go to ebay.


Go to the boat store and get 4  #12x1-3/4 inch stainless screws (or 2 inch and lop off the last 1/4 inch - IMPORTANT!)
Hey, man, not sure you want to hear from me, but...Something small like this might best be purchased locally, what with shipping charges and order minimums (seems everyone has them).  I am lucky to have a repair/parts shop right around the corner, but even your big box guitar stores (the evil GC, and Sam ASh) usually have some AllParts stuff, and neck bolts are sure to be one of the parts they have.  I'm not sure whats in your area...Might be worth poking around!  Good luck with the hunt.
Guitlouie thanks, You can tell me anything you want, I like your responses and posts. I ripped you the other day for no reason sorry.

CB- I knew you would come through, thats a perfect Idea, A boat store, duh and/or no shit. There's plenty of those arround here too, can't believe I didn't think of that.

Thanks all, I mean Both
Never any hard feelings man, feel free to let go on me any time, I learned a very long time ago to let things go...
This $25.00 minimum order bullcrap just chaps my fricken ass. especially when I have spent thousands of dollars with them.

We at Warmoth do not believe it is fair to treat someone that buys $45 worth of product not as well as someone who has spent $20K, so our policies are one size fits all for a level playing field.

The minimum is put at $25 to cover the cost of the paperwork shuffle, order entry and packaging of the order and hopefully leave a couple bucks of profit. Remember, Warmoth is not a parts wholesaler with its primary business functon as a parts commodities broker. Warmoth is a wood shop full of craftsman trying to make the best sounding, best playing necks and bodies in the world.

A single order for just neck screws, or a single Warmoth decal would mean that the order costed us money. If you say "so what" to that, well OK then, there's not much to talk about. But if you could see how much hand work and time goes into making a $157 neck for someone you would wonder how we make any money out of it at all. I have to admit, there isn't a big margin in what we do, but keeping prices low is always in the forefront of our mind. The flip-side to that is that we can't take orders that put us in the hole.

If you'd like to discuss this further, please email me at Warmoth. Thanks.
Company I work for does about 40million in annual sales.

To sell a part (and we sell tons of small sparts).

Inventory control says we need it on the shelf because somebody counted it.
Purchasing orders it.
Receiving receives it.
Inventory control stocks it
Sales takes the order
Inventory control pulls the order
Accounting bills it
Shipping ships it
Accounting gets the money from the customer
Accounting deposits money in the bank
Accounting reconciles bills from our vendors
Accounting pays vendors

Yah, I can dig cost analysis.
You Guys are right, I over reacted, just pissed that we forgot some bolts.  No problem, I'll order some stuff that I will need in the future. Never hurts to have an extra set of tuners arround.  Maybe an extra set of bolts too.  Cheers and thanks