3 way switch problem


Hey guys, everything finally cured long enough and I put together my sons two pickup Tele last night. The problem I am having is with the switch in the middle position I get nothing. I wired by the diagram from stew-mac (link below). I have checked and rechecked and all is correct by the diagram.


The two middle open slots in the diagram is where the contacts are being touched with the switch in the middle position and the slide arm is touching the last contacts on either side. Any ideas on what I am missing.
cableman said:

I had problems with that one, as well.  I ultimately used the one off of the Seymour Duncan website, which is somewhat different...worked first time.  :icon_thumright:

Thanks Guys, The one from the Seymour Duncan website worked. The Stew mac and all the fender diagrams are nothing like the Seymour Duncan, I have to wonder what kind od switch they work on. It sure doesn't work on my warmoth switch.

Again Thanks
I've found the SD diagrams always  seem to work the best.  The others always seem to be hard to follow.  When you follow them wire to land, it seems to be a 50-50 shot as to whether it will work or not...