3 stag-mag wiring help needed


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hey guys

on the guitar im building im planning on using 3 SD stag-mag pickups...dont know how people feel about these pickups but im into the sigle coil sound and wanted something a little more meaty and hum-canceling. anyway ive made a diagram of how i think it should be wired up but not sure if it would work this way. I would like to be able to select which coils i use and be able to use the middle pickup by itself by turning down the other volume knob. im good with a soldering iron but dont know anything about singnal flow.help!!!



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looks good. i'm not a fan of independant volumes because of how it changes the pickup load when you turn it down and cuts down on the highs. but your wiring is totally correct on how to do it.
have you thought about a 5way strat switch with an on/off switch on the neck or bridge p/u to override the main switch. this gives the same combos with normal volume wiring but you lose the ability to mix the levels. also can be done with 2 3-way switches.
Too many switches??? What body style do you intend to build this PU setup in? There are a number of different ways to accomplish the ability to select between the three PUs and coil tap them; but generally for sake of aesthetics you want to be somewhere in the neighborhood in terms of knobs/switches and their placement.

For example, if you were putting these in a Strat body, you could use a normal wiring setup, but with 3 push-pull pots to coil tap; doesn't sound like that's the case here, so what is body type?
use a push/push pot for the middle pup volume, so you can leave it at the volume you like, and just push it to turn it of.

i cant find them at the moment, but i saw them some ware. or see if you can use a push/pull pot and make the up position off some how.

DiMitriR33: i was concerned about loss of high frequency with the additional pot and had considered another three-way toggle. I might still.

i had the option to have warmoth put in a slot for a five way blade switch but opted to wait on control layout and thought that id be using an LP style 3 way toggle anyway. they seem to be a little more robust, and i like the way they look and feel.

Jack: i also have an alternate layout witch uses two push-pull pots (1vol 1 tone) and 1 mini switch. One push-pull to coil split two pickups and the other to turn on the middle pickup, the mini toggle to coil select for the neck PU so i have another hum canceling option.

i, like most, don't like too many switches on a guitar but wanted to find out what i liked first and then just use those settings.

the gtr is still just a routed out mahogany body blank. I'm planning a PRS shape for it. I have pics of it and the template in the just out of the box section.

Schmoopie: not familiar with push-push pots... I have used warmoth push-pull pots in the past on my strat and hamer...they always seem to have a funny taper on them...no gain until about 7 then they just kick in. not sure if they say these are lin or log taper....

just looking into my options. I was thinking of using a 5-way rotary switch but could not find diagrams on the net for one using a standard 3 pickup strat config. any ideas?