1968 Fender Bandmaster Reverb



I play my Fender Deluxe 50th Anniversary and washburn cock rocker through a 1968 Fender Bandmaster Reverb (the one with aluminium skirting around the grill cloth).
I never use the normal channel and the thing is the shit, beautiful compression and reverb for blues or grunge. The cabinet is a 2X12 EV with fender speakers. Together they provide nice silky smooth (epilady) highs and creamy bass...would not want any other amp. My brother copied the circuitry and made a combo with two celestion blues, which is alot more punchy. All these amps are in Australia, I am currently living in England, so have not spent any time with them lately.
Back at home my effects set up is: some strange wah, big muff pi, Flange Hoax and then a deluxe memory man, both from digital harmonix. This seems to cover most of my requirements.
While in england I have purchased a basic pedal board: zoom gfx-1. This provides alot of my standard sounds above and also some strange digital ones that will come in handy for freaky shit when I get back to Australia.
Anyways, that is the bulk of all my rigs, hope you have enjoyed it.